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“Smokable “ drugs just around the corner PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 February 2007

picture of lungsMay Andrea Barthwell, Former Deputy Director for Demand Reduction, U.S. White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, eat her words.

She’s not alone among the drug warriors who claim that medicine can’t be smoked. However, her newspaper  quote that… "frauds in white coats are encouraging seriously ill patients to inhale dope rather than participate in the latest drug regimens,” bears repeating, especially because it was followed by, "Is that the best that 21st-century medicine has to offer?"

Maybe the answer to that question is an excited yes! California based  Alexza Pharmaceuticals Inc. is developing what they call a new and unique drug delivery system, which consists of heating up a drug to create a vapor, or smoke, and inhale. Sound familiar?

The idea is that patients in pain, agitated and nauseous need quick relief and drugs that enter the lungs and into the bloodstream react almost instantly. Need I say more?

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 February 2007 )
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