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Political update on medical marijuana bills in the nation PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 February 2007
 As we continue to work here in Texas to get the right    language for the medical marijuana bill that will soon be filed, our neighboring state of New Mexico is sailing along. The NM bill received a unanimous vote Thursday by the Senate Public Affairs Committee and is heading closer to a full vote.

Minnesota also introduced a medical marijuana  bill on 2/5/07. The author of the bill, Senator Murphy, was quoted as saying, “This is another tool in the doctor's toolbox, if the patient feels it's appropriate and they're willing to give it a try." That statement is very reminiscent of what former Texas Representative Terry Keel said during a legislative hearing in 2001:

"I think it’s time for Texas to recognize that it makes no sense to pick this particular drug out and say this drug, which admittedly, admittedly, is less addictive than many other drugs, is going to be the one drug that we are going to have zero tolerance for and not even allow a doctor to use in his arsenal for pain relief or for treatment of a bona fide medical condition.”

Unfortunately, last week the House Judiciary Committee shelved the Montana bill that would have increased the amount of marijuana that a patient could possess. And, a Mississippi medical marijuana bill was introduced mid-January, but by the end of January it had already died.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 February 2007 )
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