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Medical Marijuana Bills Around the Country PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 February 2007

In light of the new scientific studies and public pressure, a slew of first time medical marijuana bills and improvement bills are in state legislatures around the country. The most recent updates include:

New Mexico:  Today, the Agriculture and Water Resources Committee voted 5-2 to pass the state’s medical marijuana bill. Apparently that committee has been the biggest hurdle and the bill is fully expected to get a House vote. It has already passed the Senate.

Tennessee:  The “Medical Marijuana Act”, introduced both in the House, as HB 486 and Senate as SB 641, would protect seriously ill patients from arrest and prison.

New Hampshire:  HB 774,  would remove criminal penalties for the physician-approved, medical use of marijuana. On March 12, the Health, Human Services & Elderly Affairs Committee will hear testimony on this bill.

Maine: Already counted as one of the 11 states that allow medical marijuana patients legal access, will be hearing HB 588, a bill that would include Crohn’s disease and "agitation from Alzheimer’s disease" in the list of eligible conditions.

Vermont: The Senate Health and Welfare Committee voted 6-0 last week in favor of S.7, the medical marijuana improvement bill. If passed, S.7 would improve Vermont’s current medical marijuana law by adding serious conditions that cause severe or chronic pain, nausea, wasting, or seizures. It will also increase the number of plants that registered patients are allowed to grow to four mature plants and 10 immature plants.

Washington State: Medical marijuana improvement bill, S.B. 6032, would add many of the diseases and conditions that are currently accepted as treatable by medical marijuana.

Connecticut:  HB 6715, a medical marijuana bill was heard in the Joint Committee on Judiciary on Monday, February 26. However, there is no word yet has to its status.

Minnesota: S.F. 345, a Senate medical marijuana bill, overwhelmingly passed the Senate Health, Housing and Family Security Committee a week and a half ago. HF0655, a House companion is very similar.


Last Updated ( Monday, 26 February 2007 )
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