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Your Help is Needed to get a Hearing for HB 1534 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 March 2007

Unfortunately the office of Representative Dianne Delisi, who is the Chair of the Public Health Committee, has been telling people that she won’t allow medical marijuana House Bill 1534 to be heard in her committee.

Although very frustrating, it does not mean that HB 1534 is dead. We still have over a month for this bill to be heard in committee and we could really use your help in persuading Chairman Delisi to schedule it for a hearing.

Please call Dwayne in Representative Delisi's public health committee office and politely ask her to schedule a hearing for HB 1534!

Capitol office phone –512-463-0806 and District office phone - 254-774-9888- please call both, as the information you learn from these offices could be very useful.

However prior to making your call, please look at the Take Action page on our website and scroll down to the HB 1534 fact sheet, so you’ll know what the bill does and doesn’t do and also have talking points available.

Sample Phone Script:

Hello, may I please speak to someone who works on public health issues in your office?

I understand that Chairman Delisi will not allow a hearing on HB 1534, the affirmative defense medical marijuana bill. Is this correct?

I’m confused. I don’t understand why she won’t allow Texans to come to the state Capitol and present their case. This could be a good opportunity for the legislators on the committee to learn more about the issue and then make up their minds about it from an educated knowledge base.

Can you tell me why Representative Delisi will not schedule the hearing? (Listen and please note the answer, and if you feel comfortable refuting their reason please do so.)

Thanks for telling we why, but I certainly hope she changes her mind and I’d appreciate it if you’d let her know that I called and am encouraging her to schedule a hearing for HB 1534 soon.

Thank You

After you call please email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  and let her know what the offices told you, or call the Texans for Medical Marijuana office, if you’d prefer.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 27 March 2007 )
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