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Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Dear friend,


The 80th session of the Texas Legislature is coming to a close, and we want to thank you again for taking action in support of House Bill 1534. Last night in a final push for this session, Representative Naishtat tried to amend the language of HB 1534 onto another bill that was being considered on the floor of the House of Representatives. One joint-author of HB 1534, Representative Garnet Coleman, joined Representative Naishtat in calling on their fellow Legislators to support the amendment, but despite their efforts no vote was taken. (To watch a video of the amendment being offered visit http://www.house.state.tx.us/media/chamber/80.htm, scroll to the bottom and click the link on the right side dated 05/23/07 from 1:00pm to 8:46pm. Representative Naishtat offered the amendment 6 hours, 31 minutes and 52 seconds into the video.)


It is with a heavy heart that we need to announce that Texans for Medical Marijuana is concluding campaign operations on May 31st. After much consideration, we have determined that a new strategy needs to be developed for a medical marijuana bill to be successful in the Texas Legislature. We would appreciate hearing from you about your experiences working with TMM, and we welcome any feedback you have about the campaign. As Noelle is pursuing future work in marijuana policy reform in Texas, she would also like to hear from you about how you would like to be involved in the future. You can reach Noelle by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Karen is taking a break for the summer, and will be deciding what work she wants to pursue in the fall. Karen can be reached by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Over the past three and a half years, due in large part to your participation, TMM has had many major accomplishments including:


  • working with State Representative Elliott Naishtat to craft the language of House Bill’s 658 and 1534, both of which would have created an affirmative defense to prosecution for medical marijuana patients in Texas;
  • working with Representative Naishtat to coordinate testimony for the public hearing on HB 658 in 2005, as well as the shadow hearing for HB 1534 in April of this year;
  • organizing two lobby days at the state Capitol with a combined total of more than 100 people from around the state in attendance;
  • successfully urging the Texas Nurses Association to pass a resolution in support of patients’ rights to medical marijuana;
  • generating nearly 50 positive statewide media hits, including print, radio, and television;
  • developing a list of over 8,000 Texans who support the right of seriously ill Texans to legally use medical marijuana if their doctor has recommended it to them; and
  • creating www.TexansforMedicalMarijuana.org, which will remain on the internet as an archive of our activities.

To ensure that this energy keeps moving forward, and that you continue to have ways to be involved in state and federal policy reform work, we plan to transfer our email list to the Marijuana Policy Project, who has been our grant funder for the duration of this campaign. MPP pursues its work along two parallel tracks — making marijuana medically available to patients in need, and taxing and regulating marijuana for general adult use.  Please contact the Marijuana Policy Project at www.mpp.org, or 202-462-5747 to learn more about how you can get active with MPP. 


Thanks again for your support and participation. We hope you continue to contribute your time and talents to state and federal medical marijuana reform efforts.


Many thanks,


Karen & Noelle

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 June 2007 )
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