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Renee Boje Finally Free PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Active ImageRemember the late 90's California cases of Todd McCormick and Peter McWilliams? McCormick served nearly four years in federal prison for using marijuana to treat bone marrow cancer and for growing marijuana for research purposes. McWilliams, co-owner of the operation, well-known author, and AIDS patient, was also charged, but died before going to trial due to choking on his own vomit after he was prohibited from using marijuana. 

All this occurred shortly after California passed their medical marijuana law in 1996. The feds, aggressively making their displeasure known, went on a rampage and started raiding patients. Peripherally involved in the marijuana grow operation was Renee Boje, who watered some plants and did free lance artwork on McCormick's book. Faced with a mandatory 10 years to life sentence Boje fled to Canada and began a long struggle for freedom. Extradited to the US on August 10th, on August 14th Boje appeared in the court of Judge King, the same judge who presided over the McCormick and McWilliams hearings. A lot can change in eight years. The judge sentenced her to one year's probation and gave her permission to return to Canada and reunite with her family.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 September 2006 )
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