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Thursday, 28 September 2006

Stephen Scott Thornton

My name is Stephen Scott Thornton. I am 42 years old and am a MPS/chronic pain patient (Myofacial Pain Syndrome) and a thyroid cancer survivor. I have a M.S. in organic chemistry from Georgia Tech and have grown marijuana hydroponically for about ten years. My surgery to remove my thyroid gland was exactly ten years ago. I have smoked and grown marijuana since then and it helped me go from a 145-pound weakling to a 180-pound healthy man. I also lifted weights and used anabolic steroids including testosterone by prescription. I recently got busted by the feds and am getting ready to start a prison sentence for an unknown length of time. Most of my property was seized, two automobiles, 5 guitars, recording equipment and to add insult to injury, one of the police stole my dress pants (8 pair). It took me about 8 years to truly achieve a state of health and I am afraid I will lose it in prison since I won t be able to eat 4000 plus calories a day and weight train. I will do the best I can.

I have provided marijuana for other cancer patients over the years and have literally saved the lives of many people. My patients have had lung cancer, breast cancer and other conditions such as chronic pain. All of them have reported being helped tremendously by my very high quality medicine. I certainly was. The marijuana helped eliminate nausea and allowed me to gain weight, plus it helped with chronic pain. I also take Oxycodone by Rx and see a pain specialist in Dallas, Texas. One pain specialist kicked me out of his office after he found out I used marijuana so I have been reluctant to share this info with others. I use less Oxycodone when using marijuana and the two work well together, although one must use care when operating automobiles or loud guitars!

The details of my arrest and subsequent treatment are a horror story; I was first arrested by Collin county police and then re-arrested by the ATF/US Marshals/FBI. My state bond was set at $20,000 and I got out of jail after paying $2,000. Five weeks later the feds showed up at my door and arrested me again on the same charges, but with no bond. I spent two weeks in Grayson county jail and was let out on a PR bond by the federal magistrate who was a thyroid cancer survivor himself. I froze while in jail; they keep the temperature at 71 degrees, much too cold for a thyroid patient. I did get thyroid hormones while in jail, but no testosterone. The testosterone is very important since it prevents osteoporosis/bone loss. Amazingly, they allowed me to have access to my Oxycodone-this is not normally done. Most jails do not allow narcotics inside, Collin County did not but Grayson County did. I was happy to get out on house arrest on the PR bond, but because I was arrested by the feds while on bond the bail bondsman on the state charges dropped my bond. So I was arrested again, a third time, by Collin county sheriff’s officers. Then I had to post another $1,400 to get out on a new bond.

The bond money is not refunded and ultimately the state charges were dropped and the state let the feds take over. If I do not plead guilty I could easily get ten years or more prison sentence since I also owned a 9-mm pistol. By pleading guilty I expect a 2-3 year federal sentence. The feds wanted me to narc on the cancer patients I provide with marijuana but I would only narc on myself. I may get my autos back and am still waiting on that to happen. I had to horse trade to get my property back, let them keep $7,100 in cash seized from my house and then they said they would give me my property back. I also had to hire two attorneys, one for state charges and one for federal charges, totaling $40,000. I borrowed more than $50,000 and will have to sell my cars and house to pay the money back. Now I am pre-paring myself mentally and financially to do about 2-3 years in federal prison.

- Steve
Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 September 2006 )
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