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Medical Marijuana Bills Around the Country
Monday, 26 February 2007

In light of the new scientific studies and public pressure, a slew of first time medical marijuana bills and improvement bills are in state legislatures around the country. The most recent updates include:

New Mexico:  Today, the Agriculture and Water Resources Committee voted 5-2 to pass the state’s medical marijuana bill. Apparently that committee has been the biggest hurdle and the bill is fully expected to get a House vote. It has already passed the Senate.

Last Updated ( Monday, 26 February 2007 )
Smoked Marijuana Helps HIV Patients Study Says
Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The first scientific study on smoked marijuana to emerge in some time hit the presses yesterday. Dr. Donald Abrams, who struggled for years to get clearance from eight different government agencies to conduct the study,  found that significant pain relief was obtained by HIV infected patients after smoking marijuana.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 13 February 2007 )
Ruling Would Allow Second Marijuana Research Facility
Tuesday, 13 February 2007
Yesterday brought us closer to actually getting a second and independent research facility permitted to grow marijuana for FDA approved clinical trials. DEA administrative law judge, Mary Ellen Bitter, ruled that a professor at the University of Massachutes should be allowed to do so and that it would be in the “public’s best interest.”
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 13 February 2007 )
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